Visitor rules


The campsite reception is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Guests can check in and out only during the operating hours of Thermalpark. Upon arrival, guests are obliged to present a valid identity document (passport/ID card) at the campsite reception. When arriving outside of reception opening hours, guests can contact telephone numbers listed at the entrance gate of the campsite. Plots cannot be occupied between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the following morning to ensure a peaceful night. Upon check-in, each guest receives a camping card, which must be placed on the tent or caravan in a visible place. At registration, each guest will also receive a magnetic chip bracelet that allows entry to and exit from Thermalpark through the turnstiles. Guests must have the chip bracelet with them in a visible place during their entire stay. Guests who cannot produce a valid camping card or an active chip bracelet will receive a fine of EUR 30 for unauthorized access. In case of loss of the magnetic chip bracelet, the guest must pay a fee of EUR 10. Guests can decide on the length of their stay as well as extend it according to their wishes. Guests are not entitled to a refund due to adverse weather or limited operation of the pools.

It is not possible to book a specific pitch. For an overnight stay a surcharge of 50% is added!

Payment methods: card, cash.

Possibility of payment by bracelet

The magnetic chip bracelet that guests receive upon check in can be loaded with any amount at the campsite reception and used for cashless payment for all services offered by Thermalpark and at all food vendors on the premises. The balance that remains on the bracelet after the end of the stay will be refunded when leaving the campsite.

Pitch selection

Caravans, camper vans and tents can only be placed in designated areas for camping. The campsite offers various camping options either on a grass or macadam surface with power outlets. The choice of pitch is arbitrary for the guests. The permitted size of the pitch is max. 100 m², respecting the distance between the units. Guests may connect their caravans, camper vans and tents to one power outlet only.

Public order

Guests must not disturb the peace and rest of other guests, especially during the night resting hours and the use of televisions, radios and other devices that produce noise are not permitted. Adults are responsible for the conduct of their children in term of not making noise and damaging the campsite inventory. Children must be supervised , especially when using sanitary facilities. Guests must not cut down or damage the trees or bushes in any way. Compliance with traffic regulations at the campsite is mandatory. The maximum permitted speed of vehicles is 20 km/h.


Waste/rubbish is disposed of in appropriate containers. Before leaving, guests are obliged to leave the camping unit in its original state (without rubbish and other materials). The waste tank for the toilet must be emptied into containers intended for this (into chemical toilets).


Guests must check in their pets on arrival. Pets must not be left unattended. Pets must always be led on a lead. Owners must pick up their pets´ waste and dispose of it in designated bins. Pets are prohibited in the pool area, on the grassy areas intended for guests and around the food vendor areas. No pets are allowed in the Thermalpark lake.


Visitors can enter the camsite only on foot. Personal vehicles must be parked in the campsite parking lot near the entrance. For visits longer than one hour, a daily entrance to the campsite is charged. When entering the campsite, guests are obliged to report the number of people visiting at the reception and present an identification document.


On the day of departure, guests are obliged to hand over chip bracelets and accommodation card by 4pm and to vacate the campsite no later than 6pm. The facility reserves the right to charge additional fees for late checkouts. Guests who vacate the camping place/pitch after 6pm will be charged another day of stay.

Activities not allowed at the campsite

The following activities are not allowed in the campsite: disturbing the peace, fishing in the lake, using of pools, attractions and swimming in the lake outside of opening hours, starting an open fire and bringing highly flammable and explosive substances.

The campsite management is not responsible for the following

Loss or theft of belongings, devices/appliances or camping equipment and vehicles. Consequences resulting from the use of public devices/appliances and equipment at the campsite that guests use at their own risk (sanitary facilities, children´s playgrounds, swimming pools, etc.). Damaged caused to persons and property due to severe weather or other external causes that could not be influenced. Consequences resulting from the use of a defective isntallation, camping equipment or devices/appliances owned by guests.

These Rules of Conduct are in force for the safety of guests and their pleasant stay at the campsite. Guests are obliged to comply with these Rules of Conduct. The Campsite management may refuse to offer services to guests violating the rules, charge the cost of accommodation or damage, and prevent entry into the campsite.